Between 2011 and 2015 I read the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge. In Part III, I focused on continuum mechanics. My Part III Essay, Global Modes in Shear Flow, can be found here. My essay supervisor was Nigel Peake.

I was a (re-)founding member of Queens’ Mathematics Society, which was (re-)established in 2014. I have never held an official title on its committee, but acted as a (benevolent) power behind the throne.


I have supervised several courses in the Mathematical Tripos:

  • Part IB Variational Principles
  • Part II Dynamical Systems
  • Part II Integrable Systems
  • Part II Electromagnetism
  • Part IB Fluid Dynamics I

If you would like me to supervise your students in these or related courses, please get in touch.

Here is my supervision timetable.

Talks and outreach

Here are some talks and articles that might be of interest to a general mathematical audience. Most of it assumes little mathematical knowledge (often not much beyond A-level), just a willingness to follow.

  • Review of the Mathematical Tripos, which may be useful if you are thinking about reading maths at Cambridge, or if you want some information about STEP
  • Dimensional analysis, scaling laws and asymptotics, a taster lecture that I give to prospective students
  • Identifying DMRs, two very similar talks about my summer project at the Sainsbury Laboratory. One version was for a more technical audience, and another was for the Queens’ Mathematical Society.
  • Not-so-continuum mechanics, a talk about my work on granular mechanics, for the London Mathematical Society on 11 November 2016: slides and practice recording.
  • Boundary layers in fluid mechanics, a talk for Queens’ Mathematics Society on 1 February 2017. This is a non-technical talk primarily aimed at first-year mathematicians who will not have done any fluid mechanics.


Here are some notes:

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