Translating some technical terms into Chinese

I’ve sometimes needed to describe my work to people in Chinese, and have found that there simply isn’t the vocabulary to do so. Hence, I’ve used the following translations. Not all of them are my own invention, and some of them are borrowed from Japanese.

  • granular mechanics: 粒體力學
  • granular rheology: 粒體流變
  • (granular) fingering instability: (粒體)指化 不穩定性
  • granular collapse: 粒體崩塌
  • boundary layer: 邊界層
  • boundary layer separation: 邊界層分離
  • discrete element method (or discrete particle method, discrete particle model): 個別要素法 or 離散要素法 (from Japanese)
  • (non-speech) sound recognition: 非語音辨識
  • data engineering: 數據工程