Names of some animals in Cantonese

English Chinese (Jyutping) literal translation
owl 貓頭鷹 maau1 tau4 ying1 cat-headed eagle
panda 熊貓 lung4 maau1 bear-cat
squirrel 松鼠 cung4 syu2 pine-rat
penguin 企鵝 kei5 ngor2 standing goose
goat 山羊 saan1 yeung4 mountain-sheep
turkey 火雞 fo2 gai1 fire-chicken
guineafowl 珠雞 zyu1 gai1 pearly chicken
pheasant 山雞 saan1 gai1 mountain-chicken
swan 天鵝 tin1 ngor4 sky-goose
lobster 龍蝦 lung4 haa1 dragon-prawn
shark 鯊魚 saa1 yu4 sandy fish (due to its rough skin)
housefly 烏蠅 wu1 ying1 crow-fly
dinosaur 恐龍 hung2 lung4 terrifying dragon

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