Tories or Star Wars?

Which of the following are quotations of Theresa May, and which are from Star Wars?

  • ‘Only through me can you achieve the power greater than any {Jedi|other country}.’
  • ‘Unelected members of the {Jedi Council|House of Lords} have vowed to fight us every step of the way.’
  • ‘Fear will keep {the local systems|potential extremists} in line.’
  • ‘The last vestiges of the {old Republic|European Union} have been swept away.’
  • ‘I will make it legal.’
  • ‘In order to ensure {security|stength} and continuing {prosperity|stability}…’
  • ‘Don’t continue to be a pawn of the {Jedi Council|Labour Party}!’
  • ‘At this moment of enormous {galactic|national} significance there should be unity here in {the Senate|Westminster}. But instead there is division. The {Galaxy|country} is coming together but {the Senate|Westminster} is not.’
  • ‘…for a {safe and secure|strong and stable} society!’
  • ‘I love democracy.’
  • ‘I was right! The {Jedi|saboteurs} are taking over!’
  • You have lost!’
  • ‘Every vote for {emergency powers|the Conservatives} will make me stronger.’
  • ‘Once more, the {Sith|Conservatives} will rule the {Galaxy|country}. And we shall have peace.’
  • ‘You will pay the price for your lack of vision!’

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