My name is Jonny Tsang (Chinese: 曾寬瀾). I am an applied mathematician and have a number of other interests as well. This blog will mostly consist of interesting linguistic, musical or mathematical observations.

I used to be a PhD student at DAMTP, the applied maths department at the University of Cambridge. You can read a short blurb about my research here. Back on this website, my maths page has information about my other mathematical activities and interests, such as teaching. There are notes there on various topics.

My pronouns are they in English and in Chinese.


You can contact me at j dot m dot f dot tsang at cantab dot net for things related to my work (such as research, teaching, or university societies), or jftsang at jftsang dot com for personal matters (this address has a low signal-to-noise ratio). Both of these addresses are quasi-permanent.

Please do not use jmft2 at cam dot ac dot uk anymore.

My GNUPG public key can be found here and here. Its ID is B3D42F6F. Please don’t use it unless your message needs secrecy.